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Extra Credit Mini-sodes are a 10 minute, weekly addition to the Homework to Happiness Podcast. Click on the image to access the episodes and learn more. To listen to The Homework to Happiness Podcast, simply choose a season by clicking an image below.

The Homework to Happiness Podcast is a space where listeners have permission to just stop and have a little me time.  Each episode is filled with thought provoking material, designed to guide you toward your version of happiness. Each episode will end with a mini assignment, which will be sent to you, should you sign up for it. (It’s free!) 

I am the type of person who gets bored easily, which explains my passion for creating, constantly.  Having said that, to keep things fresh and fun for us all, my podcast will feature a new theme each season.

Recently,  I decided to offer you a little extra credit by adding a weekly, 10 minute minisode.

More details below! Check it out!

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xo, Sarah