S3E5:The #lifestuff Series- Mindfulness

In this episode, I am joined by Jen Wille, and we chat about mindfulness. As Jen states in the interview, mindfulness has become such a buzzword but do we really know what it means and how to correctly incorporate it into our lives? After listening, you will.

Jen was so kind to offer you a free gift. Cool, right?

Download her 10 Morning Mindset Rituals by going to her link in her bio on Instagram.

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S3E4:The #lifestuff Series- Acceptance

In this episode, I am joined by Amy Colgan- Niemeyer, and today we chat about acceptance. One of the areas Amy coaches her clients on is friendships and as we all know, acceptance plays a huge part in friendships.

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S3E3:The #lifestuff Series- Comparison

In this episode, I am joined again by life coach/healer Janine Shapiro. She shares so many wonderfully, empowering thoughts, especially for you mothers out there. But whether you are a mother or not, anyone will benefit from her words about comparison.

She also talks a little bit about how our children can hear our thoughts until they are the age of 4. Which caught me off guard when she first said it and I had to know more, so she goes into why and how thats possible.

And I promise, once you hear what she has to say about it, you will be doing things a little differently around your little ones. I know I have, since recording this interview with her.

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S3E2:The #lifestuff Series- Anxiety

In this episode, I am joined by life coach Laura Millard. We chat about something that ALLLLLL of us know a thing or two about. Anxiety.

We chat about what it is and how you can actually have it work towards your favor.

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S3E1: The #lifestuff Series- Personal Boundaries

Season 3 is all about life and the stuff that comes along with it. Welcome to the #Lifestuff Series. this series chuck full of topics that you can relate to and I know you want to know more about because, hey we are all human and life can throw us some curve balls. am i right or am i right?

I am not joined by a guest so it’s just you and me for this episode.  I will be discussing what boundaries are, why we need them, how to recognize if we need to work on our boundaries, and I also share the moment I realized it was time to set some boundaries of my own.

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