Extra Credit Minisode 9/18

My first ever Extra Credit Minisode, a 10 minute, weekly addition to The Homework to Happiness Podcast, features my most engaging post eva! Posted on 7-14.  “A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.”

Hope you all enjoy your Extra Credit Minisode.  Hopefully, it’ll help put a little extra pep in your step this week!

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Season 2 Wrap Up

Something new that I am adding to the podcast is a wrap up of the season.  Season 2 was so much fun to do. I got to catch up with some coaching buddies and get to know some new ones.

I also share a big announcement that I KNOW you will love!

Thank you to all of my amazing guests! You all rocked it and I loved chatting with you! Let’s Chat again soon! 🙂

S2E8:Let’s Chat Series-Life Coach, Erica Lynn Harris

Season 2 is all about interviewing life coaches from around the world.  Erica Lynn joins us from VA.  She is the motivational queen, and trust me, she definitely lives up to the name.  She is a confidence life coach and I couldn’t help but be energized and inspired after chatting with her.

Find out more about Erica Lynn here:

Instgram: elynnxpressions


S2E7:Let’s Chat Series- Life Coach, Josie May

Season 2 is all about interviewing life coaches from around the world. Josie May is a love coach and  joins us from the UK.  She helps single women find their soul mate.  Her approach is amazing and you definitely need to listen to this episode, especially if you  are single and ready to mingle!

She also was kind enough to offer a free dating guide to all you single ladies out there. You can access it going to her Instgram profile and clicking on the link in her bio.

You can find Josie:

Instagram: stepuptolove


S2E6: Let’s Chat Series- Life Coach, Donna Kramer

Season 2 is all about interviewing  life coaches from around the world.  Life coach, Donna Kramer, joins us from Canada!  It was such a treat to interview her and I especially love her way of explaining what life coaching means to her.

You can find about Donna here:

Instagram: donnakramerlifecoach

Website: donnakramer.ca

S2E5:Let’s Chat Series- Life Coach, Jen Wille

Season 2 is all about interviewing life coaches from around the world.  Jen joins us from IL and shares with us her why and how behind her transition from teacher to life coach.  Her story and words are truly inspiring.

Jen was so kind to join me and has even offered you a free gift.  It’s her daily routine workbook! Cool, right? Download her workbook by going to this link: jenwille.com/home

You can also find out more about Jen and what she’s up to here:

Instagram: jenwille

website: jenwille.com

S2E4: Life Coach Amy Colgan-Niemeyer

Season 2 is all about chatting with life coaches from around the world.  In this episode, I chat with Amy Colgan-Niemeyer.  She is a life coach who specializes in friendships and special needs and chronic issues.  Her story of why she chose those particular specialties is truly inspiring.

Amy’s contact info is:

Instagram: acnlifecoach

Website: acnlifecoach.com

Email: amy@acnlifecoach.com

S2E3:Let’s Chat Series- Life Coach, Janine Shapiro

Season 2 is all about chatting with life coaches around the world.  In the episode, I am joined by healer, life coach, Janine Shapiro.  She joins us from South Africa.

Never heard of a healer?  Find out what they do and how they can help you.

As promised, here’s Janine’s contact information:

Instagram: janine_kathleen

Facebook: facebook.com/janinekathleenpage

S2E2:Let’s Chat Series- Life Coach, Laura Millard

Season 2 is all about chatting with life coaches from around the world.  In this episode, I chat with mindset coach, Laura Millard.  Laura joins us from the middle of the UK. Her accent is amazing and I bet by the end of the episode you will be trying to imitate her.  🙂

Find out how and why Laura got inspired to become a mindset life coach.

As promised: Laura’s contact info…

Instagram: laura_your_success_coach

Facebook: facebook.com/laurayoursuccesscoach

S2E1: Let’s Chat Series- Life Coach, Sarah Jordan

I kick off Season 2 by interviewing someone I know very well. She is a life coach to stay at home moms, owner of Blessings and Lessons Coaching and is host of the Homework to Happiness Podcast. She’s a wife, mom, and poodle mom.  She’s yours truly, Sarah Jordan. ME!

Yes, that’s right. I am kicking off Season 2 by interviewing myself.  Is that weird?  I don’t know, we’re about to find out.

I share with you my philosophy on life coaching, what inspired me to become a life coach and why I chose to coach moms, specifically SAHM’s.

Enjoy! 🙂