S2E4: Life Coach Amy Colgan-Niemeyer

Season 2 is all about chatting with life coaches from around the world.  In this episode, I chat with Amy Colgan-Niemeyer.  She is a life coach who specializes in friendships and special needs and chronic issues.  Her story of why she chose those particular specialties is truly inspiring.

Amy’s contact info is:

Instagram: acnlifecoach

Website: acnlifecoach.com

Email: amy@acnlifecoach.com

S2E3: Life Coach- Janine Shapiro

Season 2 is all about chatting with life coaches around the world.  In the episode, I am joined by healer, life coach, Janine Shapiro.  She joins us from South Africa.

Never heard of a healer?  Find out what they do and how they can help you.

As promised, here’s Janine’s contact information:

Instagram: janine_kathleen

Facebook: facebook.com/janinekathleenpage

S2E2: Life Coach- Laura Millard

Season 2 is all about chatting with life coaches from around the world.  In this episode, I chat with mindset coach, Laura Millard.  Laura joins us from the middle of the UK. Her accent is amazing and I bet by the end of the episode you will be trying to imitate her.  🙂

Find out how and why Laura got inspired to become a mindset life coach.

As promised: Laura’s contact info…

Instagram: laura_your_success_coach

Facebook: facebook.com/laurayoursuccesscoach

S2E1: Life Coach- Sarah Jordan

I kick off Season 2 by interviewing someone I know very well. She is a life coach to stay at home moms, owner of Blessings and Lessons Coaching and is host of the Homework to Happiness Podcast. She’s a wife, mom, and poodle mom.  She’s yours truly, Sarah Jordan. ME!

Yes, that’s right. I am kicking off Season 2 by interviewing myself.  Is that weird?  I don’t know, we’re about to find out.

I share with you my philosophy on life coaching, what inspired me to become a life coach and why I chose to coach moms, specifically SAHM’s.

Enjoy! 🙂


S1E8: Fit Mommy

I asked my IG peep, Lori Campbell, who talks the talk and walks the walk on living a healthy lifestyle, to come and be a part of my mommy real squad.. I wanted to interview her, not because I think we all need to workout and build muscles like Lori, more so to hear her truth and take away whatever nuggets you want and apply them to your life. I know, as a new mom, not all but some, decisions have become harder to make. Mostly because it’s not all about me anymore. Example, what I choose to feed my family obviously affects my family. So I want to make sure I am well informed and doing the best I can, when it comes to fueling our bodies. For me, to be honest, I know I will never be the perfect worker outer or eat the perfect diet…for goodness sakes I proclaim my love for cupcakes in my IG bio. But listening to Lori and seeing her on IG posts really inspires me and helps me make better choice. One little nugget at a time.

If you have any questions for Lori, feel free to email her.  Please be sure to reference this podcast.  gerontologistloricampbell@gmail.com

S1E7: Relationship After Baby

Relationships are bound to be changed and even tested when a new bay enters your life. Especially if its your first baby. Today, I chat with wife and mother of one, Kate. Kate is married to my cousin, Tyler, so she’s someone who I’ve gotten to know pretty well.  She’s always been super sweet and I knew she’d make a great guest, especially for this episode.  She shares some awesome stories that I just know you will relate to and learn from.

S1E6: Separated Mommy

You are joining me for episode number 6, Titled Separated mommy.

Out of all of the episodes in the Mommy Real Series, this episode titled: Separated Mommy, was the heaviest yet. I never know what the tone will be of interview. 9 times out of 10, you are hearing me chat with my guest for the first time ever. I had reached out for mommas to interview and Jana responded. She said, “I’m a separated mom. I know what wasn’t on your list but would that work for you?”

I hadn’t thought about interviewing a separated mommy so I am thankful she reach out to me.

S1E5: Single Mommy

Today’s episode, episode 5 of The Mommy Real Series is titled: Single Mommy. I am joined by mommy of 1, Jessica who has a full time job plus a part time job, because that’s what it takes. And as we all know, we, as moms, will do anything it take care of our children the best we can. Jessica is truly an inspiration and I cannot wait for you to meet her.

S1E4: Stay at Home Mommy

This is the 4th episode in the Mommy Real Series, titled Stay at Home Mommy. Today we are joined by wife and stay at home mom of 1, Jillian. Jillian is another one of IG peeps and talking to her, as a SAHM myself, really validated my decision to switch gears with the coaching company and focus strictly on coaching sahm’s.

This episode is so important for the SAHM because we touch on a topic that most SAHMs have felt at one point or another. And that would be how we, as SAHMs, seem to minimize what it it means to be a SAHM. We talk about why we do that and how to get over it. We also touch on certain struggles of motherhood, in general, and how Jillian decided that being a SAHM was best her and her family.

Follow her on Instagram: @jills.fit