Extra Credit Minisode 12/18

This week’s Extra Credit Minisode, was inspired by the quote,  “Fair isn’t everyone getting the same thing. Fair is everyone getting what they need to be successful.”

Hope you all enjoy your Extra Credit Minisode.  Hopefully, it’ll help put a little extra pep in your step this week!

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S3E5:The #lifestuff Series- Mindfulness

In this episode, I am joined by Jen Wille, and we chat about mindfulness. As Jen states in the interview, mindfulness has become such a buzzword but do we really know what it means and how to correctly incorporate it into our lives? After listening, you will.

Jen was so kind to offer you a free gift. Cool, right?

Download her 10 Morning Mindset Rituals by going to her link in her bio on Instagram.

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S3E4:The #lifestuff Series- Acceptance

In this episode, I am joined by Amy Colgan- Niemeyer, and today we chat about acceptance. One of the areas Amy coaches her clients on is friendships and as we all know, acceptance plays a huge part in friendships.

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S3E3:The #lifestuff Series- Comparison

In this episode, I am joined again by life coach/healer Janine Shapiro. She shares so many wonderfully, empowering thoughts, especially for you mothers out there. But whether you are a mother or not, anyone will benefit from her words about comparison.

She also talks a little bit about how our children can hear our thoughts until they are the age of 4. Which caught me off guard when she first said it and I had to know more, so she goes into why and how thats possible.

And I promise, once you hear what she has to say about it, you will be doing things a little differently around your little ones. I know I have, since recording this interview with her.

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S3E2:The #lifestuff Series- Anxiety

In this episode, I am joined by life coach Laura Millard. We chat about something that ALLLLLL of us know a thing or two about. Anxiety.

We chat about what it is and how you can actually have it work towards your favor.

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