Once we stop looking for what we want, what we need can find us.

What we want vs what we need. Sometimes, they are the same thing but most of the time…doesn’t it seem like they are complete opposites? When I was younger and trying to figure out what do to career wise, my main objective was to make a lot of money so I could buy alllll the stuff.

Problem was, the careers that I thought would provide that for me, never felt right. So, naturally, I felt lost and confused when it came to finding that perfect job. It wasn’t until I got super clear as to what I needed in order to feel successful and fulfilled, job wise, that the perfect job found me. And it was exactly the opposite of anything I had ever imagined myself doing.

When we fight our needs trying to get to our wants, frantic energy exudes from us. That energy pushes everything that we need away, pushes our happiness away. Because like attracts like and if you are so laser focused on the wrong things, exuding that frantic energy, the right things really don’t want anything to do with you.

So, I challenge you, just as I do myself, to let it go. Let go of what you THINK is right, what you THINK you want. Sit quietly with yourself and simply ask, “What do I need?” FEEL the answers come to you. It may take time but the answers will come. You won’t have to look anymore…because you will be exuding that open, “I’m ready” kind of energy. And your blessings, your perfect lover, your perfect job, your perfect wedding dress…they will be racing their way towards you.

xo, Sarah

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