Don’t settle. What you want is our there.

Not long ago, my husband and I were house hunting.  Our family was growing and our tiny, first home wasn’t.  We were fortunate in the sense that our idea of the perfect home was very similar. And, it didn’t seem like we were wanting anything out of the ordinary.

However, as we started the search, we began to think otherwise.  Looking house after house, nothing seemed even close and we considered adjusting our “list” of what we wanted.  Our realtor kept insisting what we wanted was out there, we just needed to be patient and keep looking.
Fast forward a few months and we would find ourselves  with 2 houses that seemed perfect!  We eventually picked one and are in love with it.  It really is the perfect home for us and we are so happy we didn’t adjust our “list” and settle for something less than perfect.

So, I ask.  What are you searching for? The perfect house? The perfect spouse? Job?  Whatever it is…it is out there.  Don’t settle.  Easier said than done, right?  It can seem that way.  I know it did for us when we were house hunting.

As I am reminded everyday, patience is a virtue.  Honor that and yourself enough to keep looking and not settling.  I know I am worth and I know you are too.

xo, Sarah

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