You call it being alone. I call it enjoying my own company.

When I was younger, I loved being alone. I loved doing my own thing. When I got a little older, let’s say high school, I still enjoyed being alone. I preferred to drive alone, shop alone, and still enjoyed a quiet day to myself. I didn’t know it at the time, how awesome that was…the fact that I liked myself enough that I wanted to hang out with me. That’s huge, if you think about it. Especially at such a young age when so many are questioning who they are and afraid to just be themselves. Before you start rolling your eyes, let me explain what I mean!

When you are alone, you are alone with your thoughts. And, like I say 1,000 times a day, our thoughts create our reality and the quality of them determine how we rate the quality of our life.

One reason I first hired a life coach, many years ago, was the fact that I noticed I was no longer enjoying my alone time. I didn’t realize why at the time, but looking back, I am able to see that my path was blurring then. I was confused about what my purpose was in life. I had no clear cut goals to motivate me. In fact, I wasn’t really certain who “me” was anymore and I didn’t like it.

Fast forward to working with a life coach, being so moved by the experience and realizing my true path. I had a reason again. A reason to get up. A reason to take care of myself. And a reason to be proud of how I spent my day.

So I ask. Do you enjoy hanging out with you? Do you like being alone? Do you feel alone even when others are around? The thing is, it all starts with you. It’s important to like yourself. To love yourself. Because love starts with self love and taking care of you means taking care of the ones you love.

xo, Sarah

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