Growing up, means being honest.

I remember turning 18, thinking I would finally feel like a grown up. I didn’t. Still didn’t at 21, 22, 23, or even 24. But when I turned 25, I had what some would call the “quarter life crisis.” By that, I mean, I took a hard look at my life and reflected. I found that I was living a good life, but not my best life. But what does that even mean? I dedicated my 25 year to answering that question.

That was the year I got super real about how I wanted to show up in life. And that was the year I finally started feeling like I was growing up.

I took responsibility, got any wandering ducks in a row, and so on. I started sticking up for myself by setting firm boundaries and making sure those who crossed the line, understood. The people pleaser in me started to melt away and I started to actually feel my feelings. I started creating my own definitions for words like happiness, success, and even, love.

So, I ask? Whether you are 18, 25, 35, or 65…do you feel like a grown up? Are you honest? About what you really want and the steps to get there? About why you feel the way you feel? If not, how can you dedicate 2018 to being honest?

Have an honestly, good Friday, all!

xo, Sarah

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