Never be afraid to start over and rebuild.

A chance to rebuild…those words stood out to me this morning. Around this time of year, my clients seem to be in a deeper state of reflection compared to other times of the year. I am sure it’s because of the whole “new year, new you” vibe. I get it, I find myself doing the same thing.

Around this time of year, the types of clients that come my way are the people who know what they want, they just are unsure if it’s realistic, possible, or even worth the time.

Time can hold us back and when we think of the words restarting and rebuilding, it can seem like we are headed backwards instead of forwards. But what’s important is to keep in mind is, anything that feels right to you should be honored. It should be explored. There’s a reason for it. And sometimes, going backwards, rebuilding, restarting…they are necessary.

The quote, “Better an oops than a what if” kinda fits here, I think. I am not a “what if” person. And I challenge you to not be either. When we think of goals, we are motivated by the thought that forward is forward. But sometimes, going back and restarting, is forward too. We have to begin with the end in mind and do what needs to be done to get to that much desired “happily ever after”. Do you agree?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Next Wednesday, I will be starting something fun on my website. “Writing Prompt Wednesday” where I will post a journal writing prompt and you take over from there.  So be on the look out for that next week!

xo, Sarah

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