Just because we know there is no such thing as a “perfect life” doesn’t me we can’t strive for one.  Or, better yet, the perfect one for us.

I know I am not the perfect mother, yet, I know God knew I was the perfect mother for my baby.  And even though my husband would beg to differ, he is not perfect.  But, I know he is perfect for me.  And vice versa. (Or, at least I hope he thinks I am perfect for him.) 😉

The more life I live, the more life teaches me.  The lesson: Nothing, no-one, is perfect.  And that’s ok.  Because life is good. 
You can have the fairytale life.  It does exist.  It may not be perfect, but know that it is perfect for you.

So, I ask.  What does your version of a fairytale life look like?  What makes it so?

Enjoy your Monday! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

xo, Sarah

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