S1E8:The Mommy Real Series- Fit Mommy


I asked, Lori Campbell, who talks the talk and walks the walk on living a healthy lifestyle, to come and be a part of my mommy real squad.. I wanted to interview her, not because I think we all need to workout and build muscles like Lori, more so to hear her truth and take away whatever nuggets you want and apply them to your life. I know, as a new mom, not all but some, decisions have become harder to make. Mostly because it’s not all about me anymore. Example, what I choose to feed my family obviously affects my family. So I want to make sure I am well informed and doing the best I can, when it comes to fueling our bodies. For me, to be honest, I know I will never be the perfect worker outer or eat the perfect diet…for goodness sakes I proclaim my love for cupcakes in my IG bio. But listening to Lori and seeing her on IG posts really inspires me and helps me make better choice. One little nugget at a time.

If you have any questions for Lori, feel free to email her.  Please be sure to reference this podcast.  gerontologistloricampbell@gmail.com

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