S1E4:The Mommy Real Series- Stay at Home Mommy


This is the 4th episode in the Mommy Real Series, titled Stay at Home Mommy. Today we are joined by wife and stay at home mom of 1, Jillian. Jillian is another one of IG peeps and talking to her, as a SAHM myself, really validated my decision to switch gears with the coaching company and focus strictly on coaching sahm’s.

This episode is so important for the SAHM because we touch on a topic that most SAHMs have felt at one point or another. And that would be how we, as SAHMs, seem to minimize what it it means to be a SAHM. We talk about why we do that and how to get over it. We also touch on certain struggles of motherhood, in general, and how Jillian decided that being a SAHM was best her and her family.

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