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The Homework to Happiness Podcast is a place where, after every episode, there is a homework assignment. These assignments are meant to prepare and propel you closer to your version of happiness.

Why is doing homework towards finding your version of happiness important?

Well, here’s the truth. Being happy doesn’t just happen. It takes work. I can vouch for this because I have worked with a life coach, which is what inspired me to be a coach, myself.

The tools and exercises my coach taught me and the exercises I have developed through my coaching are things that I practice daily, in order to have a sense of of happiness.

So, I can comfortable say that the tools you will learn from listening and participating in this podcast will become some of your daily practices that will keep you balanced and happy.

In other words, you’re pretty much getting free life coaching. How lucky are you? You’re welcome. 😉


Released in seasons.
Each season is a new topic.
8 episodes per season.

Seasons released every 8 weeks.


If you complete 6 out of the 8 worksheet- you get a free 30min sessions to discuss whatever on worksheets.

If you complete all 8, you get the free 30 minute session PLUS $15 off when you purchase my $99 coaching package. So, that’s $84 for 30 min session about the worksheets and (2) 60 minute coaching sessions.

Once you complete your worksheets -send them (pdf) to and I will contact you.

 Sign up for homework assignments by going to and click on THE PODCAST.

For any questions, email me at

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