S1E2: The Mommy Real Series- Mommy Manual


I am interviewing, and enjoying a glass of wine with a super busy, charismatic mommy named, Helen. Our conversation is all about building that mommy manual that we wish the hospital would send us home with, instead of what Kelly Ripa describes as a “leaflet explaining how to care for the umbilical cord!”

Which, before I had a baby, thought was just her being funny. But then, as I was walking out of the hospital with this little 8lb baby, I laughed to myself about how true her words really were. But, even if there was a mommy manual, it would still be pretty general since we are all different. Every mommy has her own way of doing things, her own idea of what a “mom should do” and most importantly, her own unique baby.

So, I thought it would be fun to chat with Helen and see how she gathered her information, before her baby was born and after. She was a delight to have on the show and I know you are really going to enjoy what she had to say.

Big THANK YOU to Helen for being a guest on my show.  Looking forward to having you on again, soon!

Helen’s info is:

-Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @coachhelensmith

     Marketing Manager @sliceworks

     Network Marketer for @itworksadventure

     Volleyball Coach for the @mojoelitevb @mojoexplosion

I told you she was a busy mom!!

If you have any questions, email me at homework@sarahjordancpc.com

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