S1E1: The Mommy Real Series- Getting Past Perfect


Today’s episode, is titled: Getting Past Perfect, With Kate Wicker and it is based off of the book Getting Past Perfect.

I started reading this book, not thinking it would turn into a podcast episode, especially the first one, but it did. I wasn’t even through the first chapter, when I knew I had to let as many moms know about this book.

Reading this book was a breath of fresh air. It empowered me. it made me feel closer to the community of moms out there. I wasn’t alone.  I wasn’t perfect and now I know, despite what it may look like on the outside, they weren’t either.

This book gave me the permission I didn’t know I was looking for. It gave me permission to get past perfect. And just be me.

Thanks, again, to Kate Wicker for being a wonderful guest to the show. You can find her info on her website katewicker.com

For any questions, email me at homework@sarahjordancpc.com

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